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Every session is in alignment with what is needed. He creates a safe container to show up with whatever is present and has many therapies to apply to whatever is needing healing. He always feels into the energy. If I need to talk, be quiet, be tearful, whatever. His kindness and skill permeates his work. He’s professional. He’s intuitive. He cares. He educates. He’s timely. He’s honoring. He’s resourceful. He’s honest. Don’t question. Go!

Emily, March 2020

I was treated by Dr. Harasha about 3 weeks ago on my knees. I was getting ready to have a knee replacement this month until my physical therapist suggested having laser done on my knees. After 6 treatments, I’m walking 100% better. I can now do my stairs normally instead of one step at a time. I cancelled my surgery after my first treatment and am still doing fine. I highly recommend laser treatments.

Bob A.

Dec 2018

I’ve been working out for many years and have dealt with the aches and pains, and chiropractic problems that come along with participation in contact sports beginning at an early age and continuing with every type of exercise imaginable, often overdoing it until now…. I’m 70 years old. I had been going to the same chiropractor for over 30 years but had a problem in my lower back that was not responding at all to his treatment after a number of visits. I went to a BJC orthopedist who recommended the office of Dr. Brian Harasha.

My experience there was completely different than any other chiropractor I’ve ever been to. It was much more than a simple slam-bam thank-you adjustment, but involved a number of other curative methods, none of which had ever been used before. Two weeks later I was working out again, and a month later I was working out at full effort.

In the meanwhile Dr. Harasha taught me a number of strategies for keeping and maintaining good health and avoiding the pain of an inconvenient injury. Dr. Harasha cares deeply about his patients’ health and he is not a clock watcher… he is a healer. I cannot recommend him highly enough if you have any issues that may be related to your spine. The results of my holistic and noninvasive treatment were miraculous. Please take my word for it, Dr. Brian Harasha is a wonderful doctor.

Pete R.

October 2017

I have been dealing with De Quervain's Tendinosis for 5 years! I even had a steroid shot this year but that didn't help much. Now with the laser therapy that only takes 6 minutes or so, my hands, wrists are better! I still can't believe I have found relief after 2 visits for my right hand and 3 visits with my left hand. The whole procedure was painless and effortless. Dr. Harasha was easy to talk to and made the experience enjoyable. So much better than a steroid shot. Thank you Creative Wellness and Dr. H!

Melinda S.

December 2017

Over the past 25+ years I have been fortunate to work with a number of excellent chiropractors in different areas of the country, but I feel most fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Harasha. I am continually impressed by—and thankful for—the breadth and depth of his knowledge. His chiropractic and acupuncture expertise combined with his extensive knowledge of Chinese medicine, nutrition, and the effective and safe uses of pharmaceuticals as well as natural supplements is extraordinary. I appreciate his willingness to explain the mechanics of what is going on with my body, and what I can do to help it heal and remain in balance. The methods of chiropractic adjustment he employs are remarkably gentle, yet highly effective. Because of this I have often thought that people who might be hesitant or even afraid to try chiropractic would be a good fit to work with him. He has helped me transition from a state of chronic pain to one of ease and confidence in my body and I am deeply grateful.

Lesley W.

April 2017

"I was referred to Dr. Brian Harasha after experiencing a debilitating injury that haunted me for over three years in my knee from years of weight lifting.  Previously I was told that the only remedy left for me was knee replacement.  Upon seeing Dr. Harasha and allowing him to treat my symptoms, I can honestly say my knee has healed 90 percent.  I do not ever expect it to get 100 percent; however, I am now able to walk longer distances, kick off my injured knee and stand for longer periods of time.  Dr. Harasha saved me from knee surgery!


Months later I experienced debilitating back pain.  I have always had chronic back pain from arthritic changes and other medical issues, stemming from years of weight lifting.  However, this was different.  It lasted for hours on end and was so painful that i was unable to lay down, sit, stand or walk.  I was up most nights.  Cold and heat offered no remedy.  Prescription medicine offered no remedy.  I was  going to call 911; however, I decided to wait it out until the following day, after 2 weeks of pain, to see Dr. Harasha.  Once again he performed his "miracle" and without physical adjustment, without laying down, he treated my back 2xs a week and I had instant relief.


My back is currently better by 95 percent, along with my knee.  At the age of 71, I am amazed that Dr. Harasha could even provide this kind of relief.  He may not be a miracle worker, but he is "MY" miracle worker!"

Larry A.

February 11, 2019

I continue to be so impressed by Dr. Harasha's breath of knowledge not only in chiropractics and acupuncture, but in other areas of medical and pharmacy research. He truly takes a holistic approach using all of his experience and on-going quest for information to help his patients - evolving the treatments he uses to address your evolving needs. I could barely turn my neck left to right and after a few months I am amazed at my expanded range of motion. He has also provided me with exercises I can do at home which have been helpful in accelerating my recovery. His entire approach to patient care demonstrates compassion and a commitment to patient centered solutions in a consultative manner that keeps you informed with each step toward wellness. I've been to other chiropractors and physical therapists , and have never felt this well taken care of or gotten these results. I am thrilled that I found Dr. Harasha!

Karen F.

October 2017

I came in for chronic back pain. Dr. Harasha did very gentle manipulation with an activator and is also using a laser to help promote healing which is very effective to help eliminate quite a lot of the pain. My regular doctor had noticed a 10 per cent increase in my blood pressure and felt It necessary to put me on blood pressure meds. I try to live as naturally and therefore meds are not the way I want to go. He referred me to a more natural cardiologist for evaluation. This is where I am right now. I feel grateful for him listening to my needs and having referral sources to help you when he does not have the expertise to help. I find him very knowledgeable in various medical problems and does not hesitate to refer.


When I first came to see him a few weeks ago I was using a back brace much of the days, I still have pain, but it is much more manageable than it has been in the last year or so.  I am nearly 80 years old and have been seeing chiropractors for nearly 40 years. I injured my back when I was very young and adjustments were necessary to even function at times. Through the years we moved around to various states and it was necessary to find a chiropractor at each location, therefore I feel very able identify those that are very knowledgeable and proficient from the ones who are still operating with basic chiropractor knowledge. Some of these have done damage to my back since they operated with "one size fits all" mentality.


This is what I see separates Dr Brian and puts him in a far higher category from the average chiropractor or doctor. He is not only knowledgeable but treats your individual needs.

Patricia C.

November 2017

In the past 2 months, Dr. Harasha has helped me reduce the pain in my arthritic knees by over 60%!  Brian used all his tools of chiropractic, nutrition and acupuncture.  I appreciate his breadth of knowledge in so many fields.  Brian is definitely a "patient first" kind of doctor.  He is kind, both gentle and firm, and caring of his patients.  Go see him!

Jim O.

May 2017

I had neck and back pain after an MVA. I tried PT for a month and felt better at first but it all came back. Dr. Harasha assessed my spine, educated me on what the impact of the crash did and then adjusted my spine. The next fews days my back no longer hurt at all. He’s a miracle worker!

Kayla H.

August 2017

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