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Laser and the Immune System

Options for Corona Virus By Dr. Brian Harasha

Patients have been asking me about the use of lasers for viruses like novel SARS-CoV-2. I tell them that prevention is the most important first line of defense, such as being conscious of your environment, avoiding travel and crowds, washing hands thoroughly, as well as supporting health with good nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Additionally, many patients are opting to receive therapeutic laser treatments to boost their immune system and inactivate viruses.

Lasers are shown to directly stimulate the immune system. Through a process nicknamed “Blood Irradiation”, laser stimulates blood as it flows through the subclavian vein under your collar bone. This increases the activity of your infection fighting white blood cells, increases oxygenation and alkalinity of the blood, and reduces inflammation.

It is also true that super-pulsed lasers inactivate viruses directly. In 2007, the Institute of Physics published an article titled: Revolutionary Laser Technique Destroys Viruses And Bacteria Without Damaging Human Cells. In 2014, the Journal of Antiviral Research published an article titled: Ultrashort pulsed laser treatment inactivates viruses by inhibiting viral replication and transcription in the host nucleus. These articles are promising, and although it has been shown repeatedly that super-pulsed infrared lasers easily destroy viruses in a test tube we must be cautious to avoid jumping to the conclusion that viruses already infecting our cells will respond the same way.

Nonetheless, since laser therapy is completely safe (unlike UV-C lights) and has many other benefits, it is certainly a good modality to try. You will need to find a practitioner with a truly super-pulsed laser like the Lumix lasers we use (up to 100KhZ pulse rate). Laser treatments are relatively inexpensive and work best with two visits per week involving a quick 5 minute treatment.

Finally, natural products that kill viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungus offer support for active infections. We offer a product called BioCidin (a well-researched and effective antimicrobial), monolaurin and/or Olivirex (which target viruses), and Immunotone (to support immune function). We have these in stock or can arrange to have them shipped right to your door.

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